Bidding Prayers

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Bidding Prayers for Sunday 29th November 2015

Let us offer our prayers to God, turning our hearts towards our Saviour.

We pray for the leaders of all Christian churches; that they may lead their people towards Christ and towards greater love for one another.

We pray for those who are in positions of authority in our world and nation; that they may act with wisdom and justice.

We pray for those who are in despair and who do not know the comfort of the Saviour; that they may find peace and joy.

We pray for all victims of terrorism; that the Lord may welcome them into his kingdom and comfort their families and all who grieve for them.

We pray for those suffering from ill-health; that they may find strength and healing in Christ.

Father, we offer these prayers to you; may you grant us the grace to journey through Advent with hearts full of expectation.