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Sunday Link is specially produced for Anglican Christians, and particularly designed to emphasise the “link” between our Christian faith and everyday life. There is an original reflection each week on one of the Sunday readings, which always aims to reveal something to us about our lives as Christians. This is coupled with an original prayer for you to pray on your own or with others. We also provide articles on various aspects of Christian life.


Current themes


Our Readings

As we start our journey though Lent, Georgina Byrne guides us through the readings for each Sunday: what God asked of people, and we can ask ourselves what we would do in their place. In Matthew 4, on the first Sunday of Lent, we read the story of the tempter who tried to get Jesus to turn stones in to bread – when he was already hungry. How many of us would be able to hold out? On the second Sunday we look at Genesis and the story of Abraham and Sarah, as God asks them to go on their travels. In old age, would we be willing? In week three we unwrap the passage from John 4 about living water. This can be read at different levels but the immediate message is that Jesus, the living water, knows no limitations when he meets us. How is our attitude to others? The fourth Sunday of Lent is also Mothering Sunday. Our reading is that familiar story from Samuel 1 when Hannah took her child to Eli, her gift back to God. How many of us could do that?


Jesus walks through our streets on the Way of the Cross

John Witcombe walks with us this Lent. He takes us through our own streets, walking with Jesus on the Way of the Cross. As Jesus walks through the dust of our lives, he draws alongside us with words of love, challenge and encouragement. If we would just turn aside, we could listen to him.

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Mothering Sunday

On Mothering Sunday Christine Clark thinks about Mary – about her pride in her son, and her pain and grief as he approached his death.

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Walking with Poppy

Poppy the dog makes friends with a down and out - because she recognises someone who will love her. She sees as God sees, and her owner is put to shame.

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A-Z of healthy living

Therese Garman is up to N now, for Name.


Finding God in the smallholding

When Jeni Parsons starts to rear turkeys, she finds a chick only just hanging onto life. But it wants to live and Jeni wants it to live – and so it does.

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Live the Word Have you seen...

... Live the Word, a newsletter to sustain you through the week. Inspired and written by Jane Williams, This Sunday sheet for Anglicans details the readings through the week and offers a commentary. It also contains a carefully planned series of articles that will help readers enrich their prayer life. It is an A4 sheet with one side blank for parish notices. For a free month's trial contact our sales team on 01420 88222 or email



Who puts your newsletter together?

Sunday Link is edited by Caroline Hodgson, and designed by Peena Lad.

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Caroline Hodgson

Writer and editor Caroline Hodgson started working with Redemptorist Publications in 2005. She joined as Editor in 2014 and took on the role of Anglican Adviser in 2015. Before this she was a freelance writer and editor. She worked for academic journals and corporate clients, specialising in Christian publishing and communications. Among the publications she has written or edited for Redemptorist Publications are the two recent books for church schools: How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School (2016), and How to Survive Working in a Church School (2017). She currently edits RP's regular Anglican resources: The Christian Personal Planner, Common Worship Living Word, Live the Word and Sunday Link.

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