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CTS has been allowed to publish the Roman Missal in it’s new English translation and all these will be available from Redemptorist Publications as soon as they are released. No discounts are available for these products.

  • Your Sunday Missal

    Your Sunday Missal
    The revised texts for all Sunday services in the Roman Catholic Church for the three-year cycle are included in this missal alongside a number of additional resources including the two Eucharistic prayers for reconciliation, and four for masses for various occasions. The main ordinary texts of the Mass are also given in Latin. Additionally, we have provided a treasury of prayer, the Stations of the Cross by Redemptorist founder St Alphonsus, and much more.

    Designed to help anyone prepare for Sunday Mass and take an active part it’s celebration, this Missal contains a short introduction to the special character of each Sunday and the Mass text is laid out in a straight-forward way. This Missal with its elegant leatherette cover, gold-embossed lettering, colourful ribbons and high quality Bible paper also features a thread sewn binding which should ensure that it becomes a treasured companion for a lifetime.

    Price: £19.95    Code: 1522    ISBN: 9780852313978

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  • The Altar Missal

    The Altar Missal
    Produced not only to look beautiful but also for durability and ease of use. There are leather tabs and coloured ribbons to mark pages, the paper and text font have been selected for maximum readability and a protective tailored red flannel storage pouch is provided to keep the Missal in pristine condition. Pre-order now for delivery and payment in November 2011.

    Price: £230    Code: 135186    ISBN: 9781860827297

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  • The Chapel Missal

    The Chapel Missal
    A smaller version of the Altar Missal, which is designed for use at chapel altars, or where a more portable Missal is required. It is also suitable for use at the chair in partnership with the Altar Missal. Pre-order now for delivery and payment in November 2011.

    Price: £115    Code: 135187    ISBN: 9781860827310

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  • The Study Missal

    The Study Missal
    The Study Missal reproduces the full content of the Altar Missal, scaled down by 26% and in full colour. The pagination matches exactly both the Altar Missal and the Chapel Missal. This Missal is suitable for use in liturgical planning and study and for house Masses. Pre-order now for delivery and payment in November 2011.

    Price: £50    Code: 135188    ISBN: 9781860827303

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  • Introductory Missal

    Introductory Missal
    This book is an extract from the full Altar Missal which has been created for use during the introductory period from the beginning of September until the first Sunday of Advent, in order to familiarise both priests and laity with the new translation. Available from June 2011.

    Price: £9.95    Code: 135189    ISBN: 9781860827327

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  • Missal Music CD

    Missal Music CD
    A guide to singing the new English translation of the Mass. A double disc music CD that demonstrates how to sing the musical settings accompanying the new English translation of the Mass. Pre-order now for delivery and payment in June 2011.

    Price: £14.95 including VAT    Code: 184564
    Price: £12.46 excluding VAT

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