Lent & Easter CD: TreeTops Music for Lent

CD: TreeTops Music for Lent

CD: TreeTops Music for Lent



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One Music CD to sing along to and one CD of the words to project.Track Listing:1. Because the Lord is my shepherd (77)2. Best be the Lord (91)3. Father we love you (167)4. Follow me. follow me (175)5. God forgave me (209)6. God is love His the care (215)7. Hail glorious St. Patrick (234)8. Peace I give to you (594)9. Bread of Life (271)10. I danced in the morning (275)11. Here I am Lord (285) 12. if God is for us (295)13. Lord you have come to the lakeside (395)14. Jubilate everybody (338)15. Look around you (376)16. Oh the word of my Lord (572)17. Bring forth the Kingdom (821)18. Be not afraid (830)19. On eagles wings (832)20. Longing for light (891) *Numbering relates to 'Celebration Hymnal for Everyone'

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