5 questions with the illustratorPosted on 4th October 2018

5 Questions with Emma Repetti, illustrator of The Animals' Christmas


1.          What inspired you to be an illustrator?

I started drawing when I was very little, because my mum was a technical designer. I found myself playing with colours and paints all the time. I decided to focus my studies on art and developed advanced techniques in graphic design and illustration.

I’ve always liked being creative and finding a job where I can use my skills gives me a fantastic feeling, I go to work with a smile.


 2.          Where do you get your inspiration from?

I enjoy following lots of illustrators online and am particularly inspired by the digital drawings of Benji Davies, he has a wonderful style and great characters in all his stories. 


3.          What advice would you give to young people wanting a career in illustration and/or design?

The greatest thing about illustration, among other visual arts, is that you only require yourself to make it happen. Great illustrators have created little worlds of their own with only the use of pencil and paper.

So keep being creative and develop your skills to create a style. Keep practising and work on projects to find out how you like to work, and finally... keep having fun!


4.          What did you enjoy most about illustrating The Animals’ Christmas?

Creating the characters, once you study all the features of an animal you can really give life to a character. The smallest details can result in very different expressions, and finding the right expression for a particular emotion needed is an incredibly fun game.


 5.          Finally, who’s your favourite animal in the book? And why?

I think Khalid the camel is my favourite as well as his camel friends Kanika and Kek. They were good fun to draw with all their quirky features, and he is only one of the five animals who tell the story in The Animals’ Christmas.



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