About Us

Mission:Proclaiming the good news to everybody.

Vision:Taking the lead in publishing and communicating the Gospel in simple everyday language.

For more than sixty years Redemptorist Publications has been providing high quality practical resources to support Christians both in the Catholic and the Anglican traditions. It's really important to us that everything we produce is genuinely supportive and understanding of people, whatever their level of faith. We work hard to make sure our publications reveal the truth of the Gospel in a way that people can spot the connections with their own lives. Everything we write is inclusive, everyday language and we use the best of contemporary design to keep our material looking fresh and appealing.

For each Sunday of the year we prepare bulletins for Catholic and Anglican parishes which help congregations celebrate the liturgy and reach parishioners of every age.  Each newsletter or service sheet is specifically designed to meet the needs of the particular groups.  

Redemptorist Publications also publishes a collection of products to serve the catechetical and pastoral needs of the churches.  We have a selection of colourful, well-designed booklets that provide guidance and a wealth of information for occasions like weddings, funerals, the baptism of children and other key moments.  We have a range of materials for children, including two of the weekly bulletins; we produce magazines for the seasons of Advent and Lent; each year we publish a number of new titles which will enrich the lives of those who are seeking to deepen their relationship with the Lord. 

We are proud to be able to offer our customers a huge range of Christian books, not only our own titles but books published by other UK and US religious publishers.  With over 3,000 titles in stock at any one time, we have a considerable range of resources and books to meet the needs of our Catholic and Anglican customers. 

In recent times we have made advances in the Catholic and Anglican education sector by providing assembly materials, classroom resources, pupil diaries and student planners.  We have also published resources for Headteachers, Governors and staff through our How to Survive series.

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Redemptorist Publications is a registered charity and private limited company based in Hampshire England.

VAT Reg Number: GB188718901     Charity Number: 3261721