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Format:Paperback Magazine
Publisher:Redemptorist Publications
Publication Date:2018


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Advent Extra is celebrating its 21st Birthday! No wonder the bells are ringing!

This special edition features a privileged behind-the-scenes look at the Royal Ballet’s preparations for its annual Christmas recreation of The Nutcracker. We are background observers for Sean Bean’s BAFTA-winning portrayal of a parish priest in the BBC television series, Broken. Still as observers, we watch Scrooge’s encounter with the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-come and, as the bells ring on Christmas morning, ask if they might be celebrating both Christmas and Scrooge’s amazing change of heart. We are also invited to become “close and personal” with King Herod and to decide whether or not he deserved to be called, “the Great”.

Advent Extra has something for all the family! Children have four-page pull-out pages of puzzles and activities. There are interesting articles to read and short daily reflections to accompany you as you journey through Advent towards Christmas.

Advent Extra is definitely worth reading!



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