By Raymond Friel & David Wells
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Raymond Friel and David Wells, who between them have many years of experience of working with parish groups, schools and conferences, have produced a collection of prayers that are deeply rooted in real life. The prayers are often funny, sometimes poignant, always inspiring. They are accompanied by scripture quotes, thought-provoking insights from inspirational Christians and questions for deeper reflection. They can be used by individuals for personal use, or in a group setting for shared prayer.



“These heartfelt prayers will surely help all those pilgrims of the inner life who are looking to experience the divine source through surrender and vulnerability – and then to face into the everyday with renewed courage and generosity. The honesty of these prayers will surely help you encounter the heart of God.”
- Fr Richard Rohr OFM

“In these wonderful, fresh and hope-filled prayers, our everyday worries and anxieties are embraced by the eternal Word of God. Nothing is too ordinary or pedestrian to be unworthy of being brought to God’s kind presence. Here we are indeed offered daily bread to sustain us on the journey.”
- Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP

“This is a prayer book for real people who are looking for a guide to help them speak with Jesus. It’s the book for which I’ve been searching over the past five years. Wonderful.”
- Bill Huebsch

“This beautiful collection of prayers gives us just the right words to soothe and uplift the soul in every situation and helps us to find God in each moment of our daily life. This is a book of prayers to use again and again. A treasured companion for the days, months and years ahead.”
- Dame Rachel de Souza
“This is a prayer book for real people who are looking for a guide to help them speak with Jesus. It’s the book for which I’ve been searching over the past five years. The prayers are honest and written in the language of everyday life. I’d like to put this into the hands of everyone who wants to ‘show up for prayer’ and have a bit of help to get rolling. Wonderful.”
- Bill Huebsch, author of many books, including Promise and Hope:pastoral theology in the Age of Mercy (Twenty-Third Publications, 2020)
“At Your Side is one of the most helpful, creative and easily accessible prayer materials available today. It is an essential resource for all who are seeking to deepen their own prayer life and bring others into ways of praying that are refreshing and relevant in the world of today.”
- Sr Judith Russi SSMN, Director of EducareM
“So many of us struggle to believe that God loves each of us personally, and so is interested in all aspects of our daily lives; we often find personal prayer difficult. In At Your Side the authors of this beautiful, insightful, and sometimes challenging collection of prayers wish to help us to see that prayer is a heart-to-heart encounter with God, who loves us passionately, desires that we share our daily lives with him, and who wants us to know that there is nothing that we experience that we cannot share with him in prayer. Raymond Friel and David Wells, who have so much experience of working with parishioners, teachers, chaplains and catechists, reveal through these prayers that our very lives can be a prayer, indeed an adventure, as we allow God to be out our side and so help us to walk in his ways. At Your Side is indeed a most instructive and encouraging book for anyone to dip into, especially those who pray, those who want to pray, and those who are called upon to lead others in prayer. I warmly commend it to you!”
- Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham

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