By Larry Kaufmann
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Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication
Publication Date: Jan 2020


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This book interprets the Gospel of John from a pastoral prospective. It uses the insight of Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia on “the law of gradualness” as the interpretative key with which to unlock John’s narratives. It explores extensively the law of gradualness manifested in the biographies of John’s character and in the teaching method of Jesus in John. This is complemented with examples from the Church’s tradition together with a finals section for personal reflection.

Dedicated to the memory of Brian Gaybba, this book takes its title from a conversation Larry Kaufmann had with Brian not long before Brian died. Reminiscing over his life as a theologian, Brian stated:“I always spoke about God, but never seemed to have an experience of God. But I got it wrong. It’s all about the experience of forgiveness. And knowing we are forgiven, perhaps then we can become love.”

An excerpt from the Foreword by Francis Moloney, renowned for his commentary on the Gospel of John in the “Sacra Pagina” series of biblical commentaries:

Larry has chosen well to focus upon the Gospel of John. There the theme of “gradualness” dominates the narrative. Larry provides perceptive studies of Nicodemus, the Samaritan Woman, the woman caught in adultery, the man born blind, the encounters that Mary Magdalene and Thomas have with the risen Jesus, and Peter’s “slippery slope to firm foundation.”A major contribution of this book is its introduction to a well-balanced reading of the Gospel of John, but there is more. The reader of this book will encounter an outstanding indication of the important relationship that exists between the Word of God found in the Gospel of John and the Christian moral tradition. A right relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and fellow human beings results from perseverance in the “gradual” impact that love and grace bring into the life of the believer. We do not begin as morally perfect people; we somet...

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