By Raymond Friel
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Format:  CD
Publisher:  Redemptorist Publications
Publication Date: 2017


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Renowned historian Professor Eamon Duffy and former member of the Pontifical Historical Commission has lovingly told the story of English Catholic history. In the third of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he tells Raymond Friel that “that Christianity is life-giving and that it is the best candle in the dark.”


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The Hope that is Within You


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The Innes Review

"Professor Duffy brings his questing intellectual energy and enormous scholarship to bear on a wide range of issues, from the personal, such as his own childhood in 1950s Ireland, his education and intellectual influences, to more universal concerns, including the relationship between scripture and tradition in the Catholic Church and the role that he sees Christian faith playing in society today" "...as a whirlwind tour of the very best historical and theological scholarship and an insight into the thinking of a giant of contemporary Christian thought, this interview is valuable, hugely enjoyable and indeed essential listening"

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