Dementia Prayer Week, which was previously run by the Pastoral Care Project for the last 12 years, will now feature under Redemptorist Publications pastoral outreach initiative. 



Dementia Prayer Week 12-19th March 2021

"Thank you for taking part in the thirteenth year of this national event.
Thank  you  for joining in  and supporting  the most vulnerable people, living with dementia."

Dementia - hope on a difficult journey talks

Within this useful video below, Dr Adrian Treloar talks about his experience working with those suffering from dementia and provides tips for carers.  

Created by the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh. 

Dementia - Hope on a Difficult Journey

Dementia can be a difficult journey for patients and carers alike. This book offers real hope and practical ideas for all those caring for people with dementia.

"The whole book offers information for people of all religious faiths as well as for atheists, many of whom may have to go on themselves owing a debt of gratitude to Dr Teloar for his wise advice"

 - Growing Old Gracefully


Francis Phillips - Catholic Herald
His book offers hope and practical guidelines for professionals as well as relatives and deserves a wide readership.

Growing Old Gracefully
The whole book offers information for people of all religious faiths as well as for atheists, many of whom may have to go on this difficult journey at some time, and those may find themselves owing a debt of gratitude to Dr Treloar for his wise advice.

A Mass for Dementia - 14th March 2021​​​​​​​ - 4th Sunday of Lent

Fun & Activities

Ten Minutes Activities​​​​​​​


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Yellow Day Ideas​​​​​​​


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Prayer Box


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Dementia - Family Ministry Prayer Card

Redemptorist Publications has worked in partnership with the Pastoral Care Project to create these beautifully-designed dementia prayer cards. Available in packs of 5 and 25 these cards are the ideal gift to give to others, or they may be used to help to open up a conversation with friends, neighbours or professionals regarding pastoral care.

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If you wish to purchase larger quantities of the prayer cards we can offer generous bulk discounts.

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10 Best Loved Hymns (CD)

Music can help those suffering with dementia by easing anxiety and disorientation, unlocking memories and creating a profound sense of identity. These ten best-loved hymns, as voted by the viewers of Songs of Praise:The Big Sing are perfect blend of old favourites and modern classics. Truly something here for everyone.




Saturday 13th March

Printable at home on A4 paper

Tuesday 16 March

Printable at home on A4 paper

Wednesday 17th March

Prayer for the healthcare professional

Thursday 18th March

Do this in memory of me

Friday 19th March

Feast of St Joseph

Hymns we've always Loved (3 CDs)

Think of your favourite hymn and chances are you’ll find it in this 3 CD set. Ideal for churches, hospices,retirement homes and day centres, fans of hymnody will delight in singing along to the clear, proud vocals in this collection.




Dementia Week Booklet

Printable at home on A4 paper

Awareness presentation

Powerpoint presentation for groups

Press Release

Printable at home on A4 paper

Thanksgiving Service

Mass guide for Thanksgiving

The Water of your Blessing

Complete service of relfection

Multicoloured Rosary

These large and brightly coloured beads are very manageable and easily found when dropped or misplaced, ideal for anyone with arthritic fingers or those suffering with dementia. This wonderful wooden rosary is brightly coloured to welcome joy and excitement into our prayer lives. As a necklace, this rosary measures to 45cms when fully extended.