By Dr Adrian Treloar
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Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  Redemptorist Publications
Publication Date: 2016


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Dementia can be a difficult journey for patients and carers alike. Dr Adrian Treloar, an old-age psychiatrist specialising in the care of people with dementia, explains dementia from a medical viewpoint. Looking through the lens of the Catholic faith, he then discusses good spiritual care – something which is often overlooked. This book offers real hope and practical ideas for all those caring for people with dementia.


Many people with dementia, whom we care for, carry with them a strong Christian foundation. This book will provide some clues as to how their spiritual needs can and should be met. Legal frameworks require that we act in the best interest of those who lack mental capacity, and therefore there is at least some duty upon all professionals (of all faiths and none) to support appropriate spiritual care.


Donato Tallo - The Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 67

In summary Dr Treloar’s book, which is slightly smaller than A5 in size is a beautiful piece of literature that is a beneficial read for all healthcare professionals and those who know an individual with dementia. While it is written from a Catholic perspective the vast majority of the book is highly relevant to those of all faiths and none. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and will enjoy referring to it in the future, it has enabled me to spend some time considering and reflecting upon the many varied and important practical and spiritual care elements of caring for and interacting with a person who has dementia.

Francis Phillips - Catholic Herald

His book offers hope and practical guidelines for professionals as well as relatives and deserves a wide readership.

Growing Old Gracefully

The whole book offers information for people of all religious faiths as well as for atheists, many of whom may have to go on this difficult journey at some time, and those may find themselves owing a debt of gratitude to Dr Treloar for his wise advice.

Plus, Christians on Ageing

In his book Dr Treloar does what he says. He offers hope on a difficult journey. He does not offer a false hope, but one rooted in practical engagement and understanding of the cost of dementia and caring. He also offers us an insight into what good spiritual care could be and how that can enhance the lives of both the person with dementia and their carer.

The Gift of Years

This a book which offers guidance on medical treatments, legal issues – for instance, Lasting Power of Attorney – and also palliative care, and running as a thread throughout is the need for sensitive spiritual support, from diagnosis right through to the very end of what he says can be ‘terribly hard’ and a ‘difficult journey’. It offers hope as well as practical ways of caring for people living with dementia.

The Independent Catholic News website

Here, at last, is a book which is full of information, delivered in simple language and in a style which is both gentle and personal. Its very directness helps the reader to feel that Dr Treloar is engaging with them in conversation, offering support in situations which can be very trying. There is a lovely sense of equality and dialogue as he delivers what are sometimes hard facts and offers immensely practical ways of dealing with the challenges that occur. Nobody wants, for instance, to think about drawing up an agreement for Lasting Powers of Attorney or of restricting the movements of a wanderer who regularly loses their way. Yet these are genuine needs which Dr Treloar confronts with an empowering sensitivity and realism.

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