Brother Michael Duxbury, one of a small number of Redemptorist Priests and Brothers in the London Province working in prisons, reflects:

As Redemptorists we are called to follow Christ our Redeemer in the spirit of St Alphonsus, proclaiming the Good News to the most abandoned. I have tried to do this through the prison ministry which I have been involved in for 15 years. As a chaplain within the prison establishment, I have an in-between role in the system, not exactly as one of the staff, but with a definite role. This lack of a tight role definition is actually a strength. Most staff members have closely regulated jobs to do, I have the freedom to make contacts on an unstructured basis, ready to respond to needs as they arise.

In support of Catholic Prison Chaplains and Catholic prisoners, Redemptorist Publications has published a programme of Catholic teaching, Faith Inside, designed specifically for those who are in prison and want to learn more about their faith and apply it to their daily lives. Your donation will help us to continue to publish this 75-page resource and offer to Prison Chaplains for £1.95 (priced to make it as accessible as possible).


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Prayer for Prisoners
and those who care for them

Loving Lord of compassion and hope, be with all those who are in prison.
Give them courage and hope as they come to terms with their past mistakes,
search for meaning in their present circumstances and look towards the future.
Be with their families, friends and those who care for them.
Give them strength and understanding. Fill them with peace,


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