Many of our Brothers in Zimbabwe are working among the poor and abandoned.  After the death of parents, often a family of five children can be left without any support. Frequently it is the eldest child who has to care for the others. This can be a girl of 12, acting as head of the household. Such girls can be in mortal danger, as they try to support their younger siblings.

The work of adult literacy is also growing. In the past, it was mainly the boys who had the opportunity for education, but now, through donations the Redemptorists are able to offer classes, teaching both boys and girls to read and write.

Your financial support will go towards assisting over 20,000 children each day – most of them with HIV or Aids. They are mostly orphans, and many are being helped with free schooling and other forms of care.

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Thanks, sincerely, and please be as generous as you can in support of this life-giving mission.


C.Ss.R. in Zimbabwe
This section is dedicated to telling the unfolding story of our congregation in Zimbabwe.
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