Hello and Welcome to Redemptorist Publications

We are a Christian publisher and registered charity in England and Wales no. 1058879, based in Chawton, Hampshire, UK.

Our Mission
To help translate the Gospel message into human words, relevant to daily life and to aid the Christian community on its journey towards God. Creating books and resources that inspire, educate, encourage and support.

Our Charitable Objective
To listen, respond and to build communities of hope.

Here's how you can support our mission: 


Many of you have asked how you can continue to support us at this time of crisis - the simplest way to do this, and only if you are able, is by making a donation.

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Dementia Prayer Week

Dementia Prayer Week, which was previously run by the Pastoral Care Project, will now feature under Redemptorist Publications pastoral outreach initiative.

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Ukraine Appeal

The Redemptorist communities in Ukraine are giving shelter, food and help to the people who are fleeing from the Russian war.

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Lenten Retreat by Fr Denis McBride

Father Denis McBride leads a FREE online retreat, to guide us through the Lenten Journey

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Celebrate Children's Liturgy

Redemptorist Publications is pleased to introduce Celebrate; an initiative designed to help children grow in their faith.

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Sick and Elderly Priests

Redemptorist Publications are committed to ensuring that no retired or sick priest is left without support and worried about meeting essential costs during their senior years.

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The Vocational Fund pays for the priestly formation of men who have answered the call to Priesthood to serve the people of God. The London Province is responsible for the formation of Redemptorist seminarians, Priests and Brothers both here, in London, and in Zimbabwe.

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Many of our Brothers in Zimbabwe are working among the poor and abandoned.After the death of parents, often a family of five children can be left without any support. Frequently it is the eldest child who has to care for the others. This can be a girl of 12, acting as head of the household. Such girls can be in mortal danger, as they try to support their younger siblings.

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Pastoral Outreach

The principal reason St Alphonsus founded the Redemptorists was to reach out and minister to those who were abandoned. When life’s hardships hit us, very often we can feel marginalised by society.Life does not always go to plan and our faith in God does not protect us from hardships and sorrows.

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"As Redemptorists we are called to follow Christ our Redeemer in the spirit of St Alphonsus, proclaiming the Good News to the most abandoned, especially the poor. I have tried to do this through the prison ministry which I have been involved in for 15 years."

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