Faith-filled activities for the Easter HolidaysPosted on 4th April 2019

1. Play a board game!

The British weather is unfortunately known to be unpredictable so if you’re facing a rainy day or two why not bring out a board game?

Our Gospel Journey board game is both fun and educational. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise where players are tested on their knowledge of the New and Old Testament. Find out more in our special video. If you're looking for a trivia game about the different countries around the world, then look no further than FLAGGO. Created by George Allen, the co-creator of our Gospel Journey board game this gripping, educational ride calls for general knowledge, strategy, memory, skill and luck!

2. Look out for activities at your local church

Over the school holidays many churches will be running activities for children, some often free of charge. Why not contact your local church to find out if they’re running anything?

3. Encourage your children to start a journal or scrapbook
The school holidays can be hectic and we often forget to appreciate all the memories we’ve made during these times. Why not get your children to start a journal or scrapbook so they have a little keepsake to hold on to and treasure.

Our Adoremus Journal and Pope Francis Notebook would be perfect for this. Not only can children add memories to them but they can also colour in the intricate frames that surround the pages. If the children prefer colouring in then we also have free downloadable colouring pages featuring superhero Will Power.

4. Get outdoors and do an Easter egg hunt!

Make sure to make the most of the sunny days throughout the holidays with a fun Easter egg hunt! Easter egg hunts can easily be set up in the back garden or local park, and with a bit of imagination they can be a fun and inexpensive activity. Why not have a browse at our collection of 'The Real Easter Eggs', the only Easter egg to have a copy of The Story of Easter activity book in the box, is made from Fairtrade chocolate and supports charitable projects.

5. Challenge the children to do a good deed every day!

With typically 2 weeks off for Easter there’s lots of time to carry out good deeds! Our A Heart Which Sees cards have activities for both children and adults so you can join in too!

Here are some example activities:

For children:Make a dessert for a neighbour. Make sure to check with an adult first in case you need help.

For adults:Did you see someone short of change in the car park or supermarket today? Why not help them out?

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