Launching Autumn 2022!

Exclusive to RP, Faith in Phonics, is a series of educational reading aids for early readers.

The Faith in Phonics reading resource, not only inspires children to engage in Bible stories, but encourages early readers to read. 

First of it's kind, Faith in Phonics is a provision that primarily appeals to faith schools, however, is a versatile resource that ALL schools can use and is designed to complement any existing reading scheme. 


Written by leading educational experts Jackie Day & Dr Marlynne Grant, these books have been written using Dr Grant's Sound Discovery® phonics programme, which has proven results helping young children improve their reading skills.  

We know how important it is for early readers to have a breadth and choice of resources and the importance of a systematic synthetic phonics system, therefore we've produced  this must have educational reading series Faith in Phonics.  

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Helping you achieve an outstanding RE Curriculum and Section 48 Inspection.​​​​​​​


About the Faith in Phonics Series

Written by Jackie Day

Phonics Consultant:Dr Marlynne Grant 

The Faith in Phonics series aims to complement a school’s existing reading scheme with decodable texts, providing a Christian faith focus. The books will enable young children to read Bible stories for themselves. With adult support, the reflections and questions provided at the end of each story will help children to apply the stories, and their Christian virtues, to their everyday lives, thus reinforcing the school ethos.

Religious education makes a significant contribution to the overall knowledge pupils need in life. Faith in Phonics seeks to assist schools achieve the three pillars of the curriculum:substantive knowledge, ways of knowing, and personal knowledge.

How Faith in Phonics can help you achieve the three pillars of the curriculum:

Substantive Knowledge 

Faith in Phonics helps bring to life Christian concepts and experience such as ‘incarnation’, ‘prayer’, ‘forgiveness’ and ‘sacrifice’ - which are specific to the Christian tradition. Background knowledge to each Bible story is provided in the introduction.  

Ways of Knowing

​​​​​​​Faith in Phonics can be used with the Ways of Knowing explored in the Religious Education Curriculum Directory. What will I see and hear to help me understand? How will I discover more? What can I do now? Through exploring Bible stories in this way pupils can learn through understanding, discerning and responding. The questions at the end of each story encourage active engagement with the text.

Personal Knowledge

Religious Education in schools seeks to enable pupils to see, judge and act. Faith in Phonics will enhance this aim through the reflections and questions following each story. There is content relating to meaning and purpose, cause and effect, behaviour, justice, values, community and identity. For example, time spent reflecting on the meaning of a parable, rather than what is meant by ‘parable’ as a literary form, builds pupils’ personal knowledge.

What the industry experts say about Faith in Phonics



Meet the creators of Faith in Phonics​​​​​​​

I am a retired primary school Special Educational Needs Coordinator, currently involved in supporting Dr Marlynne Grant with training for her phonics programme, Sound Discovery®.​​​​​​​

Under the English Hubs training programme, I delivered Sound Discovery® phonics training to schools with Marlynne. During the pandemic lockdowns we worked collaboratively on an electronic version of our training. We then produced a set of phonics videos, each of which ended with a decodable story.

I have always enjoyed writing. When Redemptorist approached Marlynne about the possibility of producing a set of decodable Bible Stories, I was very excited. It seemed to weave together the various threads of my life in a way that felt divinely inspired. Two of my nine grandchildren were the right age to try some of the texts, and were persuaded to read them with no pictures!

It is my hope and prayer that you will find these books useful and helpful in building the reading skills and faith of the next generation.​​​​​​​




I am a Registered Educational Psychologist and a trained teacher with a PhD from the Education Department, Cambridge University and a professional Masters qualification in Educational Psychology from Exeter University. I worked as an Educational Psychologist for many years with the Local Authorities of Kent, Bristol, Avon, Somerset and South Gloucestershire. I also worked as an Independent Educational Psychologist specialising in specific learning difficulties/dyslexia. In addition, I worked for the Dyslexia Institute, now Dyslexia Action. I am a committee member of the Reading Reform Foundation which campaigns for better teaching of reading in the English Language and I was an Associate of the English Hubs Training Centre.

I was fortunate to meet up in 2000 with Jackie Day, a local Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Since then Jackie has written many phonics resources and has become very skilled at writing decodable text. For many years, we delivered phonics training locally and across the country. This included training for the English Hubs Training Initiative. During the pandemic we wrote the Sound Discovery® e-learning training and created child-friendly, active phonics video lessons with e-stories and printable e-booklets.​​​​​​​

When Redemptorist Publications approached me about producing some decodable Bible stories, I knew instantly that Jackie would be the perfect person to write them. For me it was an exciting opportunity to combine my Christian faith with my passion for teaching young children to read in the best possible way. Jackie and I are used to working collaboratively and were able to inspire each other to create books of faith which children could read for themselves. It is our hope and prayer that the books build both faith and reading skills.


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You can place a pre-order with us today, simply click the link below and fill out your details. A member of our customer service team will be in contact with you to confirm your pre-order and answer any further questions you may have. ​​​​​​​


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