By George Allen
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FLAGGO! is a trivia game about different countries around the world. This gripping, educational ride is full of discovery and will expand your horizons as you fly round the world. It calls for general knowledge, strategy, memory, skill and luck, and it covers a diverse range of subjects, including geography, art, sport, music, history, science and literature. These are just some of the things that await you! Players are fully engaged throughout the game. FLAGGO! will appeal to people of all interests. It will become like a good book, and you and your family and friends will want to return to it again and again.

- Exciting international trivia game
- Fly from country to country answering questions or identifying pictures
- An educational game,combining knowledge, strategy, luck and fun
- Ideal family game where fortunes can suddenly change
- Over 2000 stimulating questions and answers
- Can be played by two - six players
- Suitable for ages 12 and up

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