By Patti Maguire Armstrong
Product Code: 11554 ISBN No:9781594718878 In Stock
Publisher:Ave Maria Press
Publication Date:February 2019


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Bestselling author and National Catholic Register columnist Patti Maguire Armstrong created what she calls “holy hacks” to help. This fun and fast-paced resource is full of concrete tips for living the faith right where you are. With about two-hundred simple and creative ways to grow in holiness, you can find something to help you engage your faith and grow in Christ every day. :Humility—Do good deeds in secret.Relationships—Consider how much you want God to bless you, and pray for that same blessing on the people you find difficult or who have hurt you.Gossip—Nurture good habits to prevent gossip by appreciating family, friends, and people who serve you. Prayer—Spend time thinking of all the ways Jesus has shown his love to you.

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