Guiding Light - Interview with Katherine JenkinsPosted on 6th February 2019

Katherine Jenkins tells us about her new album, growing up in Wales, her work with the BBC on Songs of Praise and becoming a mum.


Q:Wales is famous for producing amazing singers. Did you feel that, growing up?

Katherine Jenkins:Yes, and I found that it was important everywhere. I think that’s maybe why Wales does produce so many singers. There’s music all around you nobody is embarrassed to get up and sing in public. Every little village has a male voice choir, people sing at the rugby or in the pub and then of course you have the things like eisteddfod. I think that I was lucky to grow up in a place that had so much music and a love of song and I definitely think that’s a part of why I’m here today – because I grew up in such a rich culture of music.

Q:Was there a point when you realised that you were a bit better than the average person?

KJ:It was the driving force of my childhood and singing was just a love of doing it. I started singing when I was four and I remember vividly running out of school and saying to my mum, “There’s a talent show and I want to sing in it. Will you teach me a song?” And that wasn’t my mum pushing me to do it. I never ever thought it was something that I would be lucky enough to actually do as a job – it was just something that made me really happy.


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