By Caroline Hodgson
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Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  Redemptorist Publications
Publication Date: 2017


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What makes Anglicanism distinctive and what draws Christians to it, even in turbulent times? This collection of essays from authors ranging from ‘grass-roots’ Christians to church leaders brings a unique perspective to the subject. Through their insights, the reader gains an opportunity to reflect on the Anglican Communion and what it means to them – and perhaps to rediscover the joy of being an Anglican.

Contributors include Jeni Parsons writing about the seasons, Gillian Cooper on English church buildings, Simon Cowling on the liturgy, Paul Kerensa on laughter, Rachel Mann on poetry, Ruth Gledhill on the family, Trevor Dennis on scripture, John Witcombe on vocation, Daniel Newman on the Prayer Book, Victor and Nolavy Osoro on service, Heather Smith on prayer, Mutharaj Swamy on relationships, and Lydia Mwakini on education.


Church Times

IN THIS bravely entitled collection, 15 very varied contributors offer personal accounts, at a popular level, of the joy that they find in a particular aspect of Christian life as Anglicans. They range over the seasons, church buildings, liturgy, laughter, poetry, the family, scripture, vocation, the Prayer Book, service, prayer, education for women, music, and relationships — relationships, that is, between ecclesiastical bodies.Their voices are mixed:clergy and laity, men and women, British and overseas. The Joy of Being Anglican does not aim at being a systematic, searching, or critical examination of Anglicanism, but, rather, at celebrating what a variety of Anglicans love about the Church they belong to.

John Pritchard

A deeply refreshing kaleidoscope of the joys of being Anglican. Diversity, generosity, beauty and intelligence – it’s all here, as a taster or reminder of what this great tradition has to offer the believer, the seeker and the curious

Signs of the Times

I would highly recommend this short and readable book as an overview of the salient features which make Anglicanism so attractive and ultimately so compellingly lovable. It would be an excellent introduction for those preparing for adult Confirmation, or for any formal engagement with their own Anglican church, such as agreeing to serve on the PCC or to become a churchwarden.

Terry Waite CBE

Having visited virtually every part of the worldwide Anglican Communion I have seen the many faces of Anglicanism. This book captures something of the distinctive spirit of a joyful global family. Not angels but Anglicans, whatever their nationality.

The Right Reverend Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds

Joy comes when faith is alive, curiosity is inflamed and the mind is stretched. This book illustrates the particular joy that the richness of the ever-evolving Anglican imagination and tradition

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