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Publication Date: 2022


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Perhaps, in Lent 2022, Lent Extra might help us to experience Jesus travelling with us towards Easter, filling us with hope. May it be a friend who offers encouragement, support and joy on a road which will have challenges as well as blessings.


Two years into a pandemic and we're hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with the booster campaign and more people only getting milder symptoms, we pray that 2022 will bring more faith into our lives and perhaps now we will have a chance to reset ourselves and heal. 

What are your priorities moving forwards? That bring you more peace, hope and joy into your life and others around you? 

The theme of Lent Extra 2022 is “Reconciliation and hope”. It highlights moments when, perhaps against all odds, reconciliation and forgiveness have happened and hope has been reborn.

Lent encourages us to do what we can, not what we can’t. Lent celebrates reconciliation and hope. Lent promises Easter! As Cardinal Michael Czerny SJ writes in Lent Extra 2022, “Here the “I” and the “other” meet, creating a “we” that accepts differences and refuses to divide. Every meeting place is a hallowed ground of reconciliation, that place of humanity towards which we all strain.”

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Absolutely thrilled with the magazine

I have an elderly congregation and they found the layout, font size and colour very user friendly and easy to navigate.  I look after a struggling area where reading does not come easily for many and the layout and slightly larger text helped with this. 

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