By Chris Pritchett
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Publisher:  Canterbury Press
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Deepen your connection with God—and with all—by reflecting on the richness of God’s unending love for us.

One of the foundational expressions of Nouwen’s work, themes of God’s tremendous love for us are found throughout his masterful writing. For Nouwen, love is a path inward, outward and upward, and love is a house in which we dwell with God. Author Chris Pritchett explores these insights on our Saviour’s love and helps us tie them to experiences of love in our own lives.

Equally suited individual reading or group study, each chapter includes action prompts and questions for reflection and/or discussion.

See our complete Henri J. M. Nouwen 25th Anniversary Collection, a five-part series exploring the topics of identity, God, love, suffering and freedom through the perspective of this beloved spiritual master.

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