By Stephen McKernan & Denis McBride C.Ss.R
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This DVD provides schools with tailored resources to tackle the issues of mental health and well-being, both among the students and the staff.
There is a digital version of this product available: MENTAL HEALTH RESILIENCE (STREAMING_VIDEO)


Duration:53 min

This resource allows you and your staff time to reflect on how the ancient practice of meditation can be used as a way to gain centeredness and a state of presence within the daily complexity of school life. It is perfect to use for staff training and development – it is an ideal ready-to-use material for INSET days.

Stephen McKernan (Headteacher of St Edward’s, Cheltenham) and Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. present practical and thoughtful approaches that guide teachers to be more confident and comfortable with this issue. Due to the complex nature of relationships today and the pressures of social media, young people find themselves under great pressure to conform and “over share” their personal spaces.
This can result in feelings of anxiety and putting themselves at risk. They need time to be “centered” and to gain “reflective muscle” in order to have a greater perspective on the issues they face. Mental Health Resilience in Catholic Schools provides opportunities for individuals and schools to develop their response to the current challenges facing their students’ positive mental health and well-being.




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