By Debra Green OBE
Product Code: 111528 ISBN No:9780281081370
Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  SPCK
Publication Date: March 2019
£9.00 £8.99


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Is there a mountain in the way? The toughest challenges, the biggest obstacle, seemingly insurmountable problems all can be tackled, defeated and shifted aside by faith-fuelled prayer. Relational struggles, financial strangleholds, emotional strife? whatever your mountain may be, through prayer, God’s power can move it. The huge challenges that cast their shadows across our communities can also be addressed through prayer. From her own experience Debra Green offers stunning examples and thrilling case studies. However, mountain-moving prayer is a lifestyle. It’s a persistent process, not a one-off thing. Sometimes the mountain seems bigger than you have the faith for. Sometimes we can't hear God or don't get the answers we're seeking. What happens when God says "No"?

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