By Ben Whitworth
Product Code: 135216 ISBN No:9781860828119 In Stock
Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  Catholic Truth Society
Publication Date: January 2012


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A comprehensive introduction to the ancient musical traditions of the Catholic Church as a support for prayer. Ideal for priests, church organists, musical directors and the interested layman.


With the new translation of the Roman Missal, a new phase of liturgical reform and development is underway in the Catholic Church. The role of music in the parish Mass, the choice of hymns, and the rediscovery in many parishes and communities of Gregorian Chant, have all contributed to a growing interest in the variety of musical traditions available as a support for prayer in the Catholic tradition. This book is an introduction to a fascinating and important topic, intended for non-specialists. It covers the role of music in worship, in the Bible and in the lives of the saints; the theology of music; the history of liturgical music; and the genres of music used at Mass today.

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