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Sharing your wishes for your funeral can be difficult and a cause for worry. With My Funeral Mass Instructions it’s simple to note down what your preferences for your funeral are so that you can have great peace of mind. Once completed make sure you give copies to your next of kin, funeral director (if you have one) or staff if you are in residential care. This is a great way for parishes to support those in their care as well as professionals looking to make sure that they take care of the spiritual well-being of their clients as well as the physical. This resource includes a message from Cardinal Vincent Nichols and a form to fill in both practical details such as your preferred funeral directors and next of kin as well as personal choices about readings and hymns you might want at your funeral Mass.  For parishes and residential homes who might want to order in bulk discounts are available.

Call us at 01420 592974 for a Bulk Price discount:

10-20 copies = 10% off
21-49 copies  = 20% off
50-99 copies = 25% off
100+ copies = 30% off

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