By Leo Gafney
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Where do busy people find the time each day to set aside for prayer? So often we start off with great intentions...and then the busyness of life takes over. Leo Gafney has a better idea:stretch your prayer and reflection over the odd moments of a normal week, such as when driving or walking or doing dishes. Such an arrangement makes it easy to pray always, as St. Paul instructs us. Over 26 weeks, Gafney invites us into a series of mini-retreats devoted to themes like acceptance, peace, faith, forgiveness, work, Eucharist, and many more. Each week he offers a mental image to ponder, a Scripture passage to read, a Scripture verse to meditate on, and a weekly practice to deepen not only one’s personal prayer life, but to engage with others in experiencing and sharing the faith. Handy, simple, and yet profoundly life-changing, this book will bring you closer to God...and God closer to you.

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