Notre Dame Cathedral - Restoration delayedPosted on 6th September 2019

Notre Dame cathedral restoration delayed

Paris - 6 September 2019           The start of the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral after the devastating fire on 15 April has been delayed whilst discussions take place about the materials to be used in the process.

No fewer than 1,300 oak trees went into the original construction of the 900-year-old cathedral’s wooden attic, commonly known as “the forest”. Msgr. Patrick Chauvet, the rector and archpriest of Notre-Dame, would like the cathedral to be restored to its former glory using the same materials as the original builders.

Christophe Girard, Paris’ deputy mayor for culture and Socialist Party member, agrees and would like the attic to be open to the public. “People need to know that humans did an extraordinary job 900 years ago,” he said.

Conservationists raise concerns about the number of trees used in the original construction, causing the attic to be described as “the forest”. One suggestion is that metal beams, painted to look like wood, would be more eco-friendly.

The French State will make the final decision. In the meantime, Msgr. Chauvet says that the restoration of Notre-Dame “is about a treasure, a heritage, and it’s also important for tourism.”

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