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This competitively priced novena book aims to encourage nine successive days of worship to offer a spiritually enriching prayer experience for any reader.

Mother Mary, sweet Lady of Fatima, in humble reverence and with contrite heart, I place my life within your loving embrace. I beg to rest my sin-stained heart in you. May we understand through the precious graces pouring forth from your Immaculate Heart, what Fatima means for all of us. We as in particular to help us in the following intentions_______ (the intentions are stated here). May the voice of out Lady go forth into all lands! May her desire to renew the devotion to the holy Rosary, ring out over all the earth. May it save a poor distracted world from the consequences of its own folly and bring all hearts to the feet of Jesus. Immaculate Mother, Queen and Mother of us all, guide us to Jesus, your Son. Amen.

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