By Stacy A Trasancos
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Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  Ave Maria Press
Publication Date: 13 Sept 2019
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Ask a young Catholic why they are walking away from the Church and one of the main reasons is usually a perceived conflict between science and Christianity. The student edition of Particles of Faith:A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science aims to help Catholic students find real answers to real questions about the interaction of science and faith.

What is the origin of life?

Does the Big Bang prove God?

Can a Christian accept the theory of evolution?

Teacher and scientist Dr Stacy A Trasanco addresses these and many other probing questions in the student edition of Particles of Faith, a book designed for use in a high school theology or science course. At the end of the book, students will be able to not only answer key questions about the faith but also to explain those answers to others.

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