Pope Francis releases annual Message for World Food DayPosted on 16th October 2019

Pope Francis releases annual Message for World Food Day

Vatican City - 16 October 2019              In his annual Message for World Food Day, addressed to the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), Pope Francis drew attention to the fact that, whilst 700 million of the world population are over-fed or eat unwisely, 820 million suffer from the effects of hunger. He applauded the role of the FAO in protecting rural families and promoting family farming.

The Pope added:“It is a cruel, unjust and paradoxical reality that, today, there is food for everyone and yet not everyone has access to it, and that in some areas of the world food is wasted, discarded and consumed in excess, or destined for other purposes than nutrition.”

He stressed that market forces often reduce food to the status of a commodity and prolong “the battle against hunger and malnutrition”. He advised that “Our first concern should always be the human person:concrete men, women and children, especially those who lack daily food and have a limited ability to manage family and social relationships (cf. Laudato Si’, 112-113).”

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