By Tracy O'Sullivan
Product Code: 43293 ISBN No:9781627854467 In Stock
Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  Twenty-Third Publications
Publication Date: 15 Feb 2019


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One of the best ways to encounter Jesus, says Fr. Tracy O Sullivan, is unswerving commitment to deep personal prayer. And in this simple and elegant guide, he shows us step by step the path to such life-changing prayer as practiced in the Carmelite tradition. The Carmelite tradition, he says, is a special roadmap created by some of the great saints and Doctors of the Church. It is a call for beginners, a lift for those on the way, and an awesome guide for those approaching home. One thing we all share is that we need to take the next step. Wherever you are on the spiritual path, the wisdom you'll find in this powerful book will help you discover what is next for you in walking with Jesus in prayer.

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