By Fr Tom Creagh Fuller & Lisette Blanchett Ball
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Format:  Paperback A5
Publisher:  Redemptorist Publications
Publication Date: May 2019


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Developed specifically for those getting married in the Catholic Church, 'Preparing for Marriage' is designed to facilitate couples on their journey to their wedding, teaching and guiding them to have not only a successful and happy marriage but a marriage as planned for them by God.

This comprehensive marriage programme has been running in the Archdiocese of Southwark for many years. It has now been produced as two books:this A4 workbook for couples (two per couple) is full of information and exercises on everything from conflict to family of origin and sexual love to sacrament and vocation. There is also the book for catechists which has advice on how to deliver the material, suggested frameworks for running your own programme and two DVDs.

What makes 'Preparing for Marriage' different is that it has been developed specifically for those getting married in the Catholic Church so in addition to the practical exercises that are universally helpful it focuses on how getting married in the Catholic Church is special. What does the Church think about family planning and exploring your vocation to marriage? There are also sections designed to meet the needs of couples where both are Catholics and those where one isn’t – answering questions and dismantling misconceptions, it also provides an opportunity to remind Catholics what the Church expects from them.

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