By John Arnold (Bishop)
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'Pope Francis has invited us all to celebrate a Jubilee Year of Mercy. It is a call which is widely welcomed and which is touching a deep need within all of us. The Year invites us to explore, embrace and celebrate many different aspects of God's unfailing mercy. Such considerations take us into the fullest meaning of justice and forgiveness, both of which are expressions of the endless desire of God that each of us comes to the fulfilment for which God has created us.

The Mercy of God flows into us in every celebration of the Sacraments, but nowhere more fully that in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In this Sacrament we find so much that we truly need in order to live with a sense of peace and gratitude for all that we receive.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation, so clearly presented in this book, is the greatest gift of the Lord. It is given so that we will indeed reflect on the wonder of God's love for us, then, in that light, reflect on our own lives with all our shortcomings, and then come to receiving the merciful forgiveness of our loving Father.

This is indeed the springboard for full Christian Living.'

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

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