Queen of Sweden at Vatican event on protection of children in digital worldPosted on 29th November 2019

Queen of Sweden at Vatican event on protection of children in digital world

Vatican City

Hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, participants in the Conference "Child Dignity in the Digital World"  included experts in science and technology, the media, businesses, legislators, parents, religious leaders with the common aim to take concrete and urgent action to protect children from criminal violence and harm in the digital world.

Pope Francis addressed those present urging them to help ban from the face of the earth violence and every form of abuse against children.”

Amongst the 80 participants in the congress was also Her Majesty, Queen Silvia of Sweden who has decades of experience and commitment in the fight against child abuse.

The Queen opened the conference with a speech, in which she said:"The child who has suffered abuse. The child who is at risk. The child who was robbed of its childhood, and instead carries guilt and shame. It is for this child, ladies and gentlemen, that we are here today…

20 years ago, I founded World Childhood Foundation. I hoped that as a Queen I could use my voice to shine a light on the global problem of child sexual abuse and exploitation. To speak about the unspeakable, and to give children back their right to a childhood.

My hope then was to soon close the foundation, that it would no longer be needed. But instead, 20 years later, here we are, with an ever increasing number of children at risk of abuse and exploitation online.

Next week, on the 20th of November we celebrate 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This same year also marks 30 years of the World Wide Web.

Two important birthdays, of two human creations that have had immense success and reach over the last three decades. They were born in the same year, 1989 – and their developments are intertwined in a powerful way…

The message, I’m afraid, is clear:we are NOT doing enough. Our actions are not en par with the global pandemic. And the companies that provide platforms that enable the abuse need to prioritise child online safety…

Now, it is up to us to come together.

Let us once again remember why we are here today:

For the child who has suffered abuse.
For the child who is at risk.
For the child who carries guilt and shame.

For this child, we have to speak with one voice and to act, collectively.

(Source:Vatican News)


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