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For thousands of years incense has been used in liturgy and worship with monks of all persuasions involved in its production. Here at Alton the monks have supplied a range of incense grains for ecclesiastical use since 1895, using blended aromatic gums and flower oils from around the world. Recent production has focused on Rosa Mystica, a sweet scent of traditional blooms, now appreciated internationally.

Recipe unique to Alton Abbey.
Blended aromatic gums from sub-tropical regions
Essential flower oils from around the world
350g Approx.

Use quick lighting charcoals following manufacturer's directions
Handle hot containers with care
Keep product away from children and eyes
Wash hands with soap and water after handling incense granules
Store in a cool dry place
Contains Bergamot.
Made at the Benedictine Abbey of Our Lady and St John.


Doesn't include charcoals

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