Please support seafarers on Sea Sunday:11th July

RP Blog
8th July 2021

Sea Sunday (which this year falls on 11th July) is a special time for Stella Maris (formerly called Apostleship of the Sea), the o...

Remembering Those We've Lost

RP Blog
13th July 2020

Some help for those who lost someone in these difficult times.

Funeral Planning By Pastoral Care Project

RP Blog
12th March 2020

The individuals, who contact us at the Pastoral Care Project, often share with us their fear of missing out on a funeral Mass. It ...

Three Narratives from the Gospel of John

RP Blog
4th March 2020

In this first video Fr Denis introduces three Lenten narratives from John’s Gospel and compares them to the other Gospels. He'll...

#Lent with Fr Denis

RP Blog
26th February 2020

#LentwithFrDenis launches today with Sr Janet Fearns, Editor of bestselling Lent Extra, as she prepares us for the first Sunday of...

Book of the Week | The English Pope

RP Blog
14th January 2020

I was blessed with the opportunity to live with my English grandfather – Arthur Breakespeare Saunders. He was born in England, a...

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