Ecology, human rights and the Church are at the centre of the Synod for the Amazon

RP News
10th October 2019

During his pastoral visit to Brazil in 2013, Pope Francis declared, “The Church's presence in the Amazon Basin is not that of so...

Pope Francis adds Sunday of the Word of God to the Church calendar

RP News
30th September 2019

On 1600th anniversary of St Jerome’s feast day, Pope Francis reflected that, “At the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee o...

Notre Dame Cathedral - Restoration delayed

RP News
6th September 2019

The start of the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral after the devastating fire on 15 April has been delayed whilst discussions ta...

World Day for the Sick

RP News
11th February 2019

World Day for the Sick gives us the opportunity to not only pray for those who are sick, but also pray for those who care for the ...

Sr Wendy Beckett RIP

RP News
2nd January 2019

All that we can really say is that Sr Wendy Beckett almost went home for Christmas. Here, at Redemptorist Publications, we were sa...

Fr John Mulligan RIP

RP News
3rd October 2018

Dear Friends, my good friend Fr John Mulligan, dean of Merton in South London and parish priest of St Teresa’s, died out of se...

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