The Sanctuary in Lourdes closes the baths as a coronavirus precaution Posted on 3rd March 2020

The Sanctuary in Lourdes temporarily closes the baths as a coronavirus precaution

As the coronavirus spreads across the world, the Sanctuary in Lourdes has taken note of the precautions undertaken across France and has temporarily closed the baths. At the same time, there are no “special measures” operating to otherwise affect the many pilgrims who visit the Shrine where Our Lady appeared to St Bernadette in 1858.

“Our first concern will always be the safety and health of the pilgrims and the shrine’s working community,” said a note posted on the shrine’s website. “As a precaution, the pools have been closed until further notice.”

A press release on the same website declared, “The Sanctuary of Lourdes has a great capacity to welcome and adapt given the number of places of worship and gathering inside or outside.

The pilgrimage season begins on Palm Sunday, 5 April. The Sanctuary will adapt the measures according to the changing situation and the instructions of the Ministry of Health…

We entrust in prayer the victims and their loved ones. Special intentions will be made during the upcoming celebrations in the Sanctuary.

We invite those who can to pray for pilgrims, so that fear does not trump reason. Let us trust Our Lady of Lourdes and keep hope.”

To this day, we continue to welcome pilgrimages, groups and individuals. No pilgrimage or group in the Sanctuary is currently subject to special measures. As a precaution, the baths have been closed until further notice. And as normal at the Sanctuary, the gesture of water is offered to pilgrims…”

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