By Richard Q Greatrex
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Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  Redemptorist Publications
Publication Date: March 2019


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Stations of the Resurrection is a growing contemporary devotional, spiritual and liturgical practice. Encompassing both public worship and private prayer, this book travels with the reader from the sealed tomb to Pentecost through sixteen biblical episodes.


Using readings, reflections, art and prayers in conjunction with suggested hymns and ideas for producing your own stations, Stations of the Resurrection offers a rich resource intended to refocus both congregations and individuals on the transformative joy, hope, grace and challenge of Eastertide.

“Richard’s writing and the images he has chosen to accompany each station work in tandem to lead us through the neglected cycle of the Church’s year, from Easter to Pentecost. After the pilgrimage of Lent, many people might feel exhausted at the prospect of starting another one so soon. With Richard as our guide, however, this Easter pilgrimage is a very gradual and gentle journey; the pace is as leisurely as the insight is rewarding; it is an excursion of heart and mind that will surely deepen our faith in the risen Lord.”
Denis McBride C.Ss.R. (from foreword)

About the Author
Richard Greatrex is a parish priest and bookseller with a particular interest in liturgy and the arts. He encourages others to deepen their spirituality through engagement with music, poetry, literature and the visual arts, often using aspects of secular culture to illuminate elements of faith. The genesis of this book was a growing longing to counteract the diminishing of Eastertide in Church and beyond from a lengthy season to a single day, and a desire to restore the joy, wonder, celebrations, challenges and hope of the Great Fifty Days of Easter.

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Church Times (Website)

James Tissot’s Mary Magdalene Questioning the Angels at the Tomb is one of the images for the 16 biblical episodes that are a focus for public or private devotion in Richard Q. Greatrex’s Stations of the Resurrection:From Easter to Pentecost. After a foreword, introduction, and opening prayers, each Station has responses, an image, a reading, a reflection, and a prayer.

Methodist Recorder

Richard Greatrex’s book is really well produced and, with glossy paper and sensible size, is lovely to handle. The visual effect of the publication is important because the author does assume that there is a visual element to our journey through the stations. He offers suggestions for how to construct a set of stations, so that the journey is not just in word or on paper. We can visualise that such a project would work well for a quiet day, day of prayer or some other alternative form of worship in your local church. Maybe it would be of great use as part of your local programme for “Thy Kingdom Come” which runs from Ascension to Pentecost.

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