Suggested Lenten Reading for 2019Posted on 27th February 2019

Lent 2019 starts next week! Let us help you prepare for this very special time

There's still time to prepare for the season ahead. In this blog post you will find ideas for group study, individual reading, and Lenten activities and resources for children.

More Lenten reading and resources can be found in our latest catalogue, available here. 


Lent group study and reading

Lent is a great season to gather a group together and start a Lent study group. Below are some ideas for possible Lent study guides. There are many more available, including those based on popular films. See our latest catalogue for more Lent courses. 



The Joy of the Gospel:A Six-Session Study Course in Sharing Faith

This six-part course for parishes and Lent groups is based on Pope Francis’ much acclaimed recent reflections on mission and evangelism, published as Evangelii Gaudium (‘The Joy of the Gospel’). 





Stations of the Cross then and now DVD presentation

Due to unprecedented demand the fourteen Stations of the Cross have now been adapted for public use. In this DVD of the book, presented by Denis McBride, the voice and visuals open up new ways of thinking about Jesus’ journey. Lasting about an hour, the DVD is ideal for use in parishes, schools and groups.






Journeying with Jesus:a companion's guide for groups

Journeying with Jesus is a deeply spiritual and lavishly resourced programme of study for those who want to journey side by side with our Lord during Lent, either individually or in small groups.

Group guide paperback:£4.95
Companion's guide paperback:£14.95



From Now On:A Lent Course on Hope and Redemption in The Greatest Showman

The 2018 Golden Globe-nominated movie starring Hugh Jackman, about the founder and stars of the Barnum & Bailey Circus is ideal for Lenten study of Christian themes of hope, redemption and new life. The five-week course offers discussion points, biblical reflections and prayers based on short excerpts from the film. 







Lent reading and individual reflection

Lent is a time of fasting, prayer and almsgiving, but it is also a period of spiritual reading to deepen our experience of the 40 days in the desert. Below is some inspiration for spiritual reading this Lent.




The Way of Ignatius:A Prayer Journey through Lent

Gemma Simmonds explores the story and prayer tradition of Ignatius of Loyola, together with the contribution of the seventeenth-century Yorkshire woman, Mary Ward. A guide for Lent and the rest of the year, The Way of Ignatius helps us to pray with the Scriptures in an imaginative way. To aid reflection and discussion, there are questions at the end of each chapter.






Lent Extra:Your Journey to Easter and Beyond

In Lent Extra 2019 you will find:
- Inspiring articles and interviews from singer Katherine Jenkins, Divine Renovation author Fr James Mallon, The Archers' voice actress Emerald O'Hanrahan and many more!
- 47 Daily reflections and prayers, plus weekly discussion points
- Children's Lenten activity sheet

A4 paperback magazine:£2.25




The Merciful Humility of God

The chapters of Jane Williams's book include:'Humble Beginnings'; 'How to win friends and influence nobody'; 'Reigning from a tree' and 'Risen and ascended into humility'. Her reflective Lent book will be a trusted guide for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of God's humility during this religious period.





Renew your Spirit

One word, one concept at a time—that’s the way to enter into the mystery and wonder of Lent, and this booklet is the perfect guide to a fruitful and rewarding season!






Lent resources for children

The season of Lent may be a little confusing for young children so why not teach them about this special time with engaging activity sheets, colourful booklets and cartoon animations. For older children there are devotional materials written specially by young people for young people. See our suggestions below.




Lent 2019 calendar and activity sheet

A beautifully illustrated double-sided activity sheet to help children prepare for Easter. On one side of the sheet is a Lent calendar, on the other a selection of puzzles, games and other activities for the whole family.

A3 sheet:£0.50




Brother Francis presents the Stations of the Cross

Presented with the same loving reverence as all other episodes, Brother Francis:The Stations of the Cross is an inspiring way to let our hearts be touched with the sacrifice of our Lord on His way to Calvary.





Jesus, Our Friend and Teacher

What better image could your littlest ones have than Jesus as Teacher—and how better to engage them in all the ways Jesus shows us he loves us?





Stations of the Cross:journeying with refugees

In this powerful book the young people of St Gregory’s Catholic College reflect on the parallels between Jesus’ final journey and the harsh reality faced by refugees. Bringing deep humanity to the refugee crisis, this modern interpretation of the Stations of the Cross is ideal for use in schools, parishes and for personal reflection.








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