By John E Barone & Charleen Katra
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The Adaptive Teacher:Faith-Based Strategies to Reach and Teach Learners with Disabilities will teach you how to maximize the effectiveness of your lessons with concrete strategies you can implement in your classroom tomorrow that will benefit all learners. Written by John E. Barone and Charleen Katra, who bring over forty years of combined experience working with people with disabilities, this guide for teachers and catechists addresses crucial topics that will enrich the scope and reach of your teaching.

This book provides the tools to

foster a welcoming environment for everyone;

understand the specific needs of learners with disabilities;

adapt your teaching approach for the benefit of all;

develop effective communication strategies;

help learners build confidence, independence, and ownership.

Beyond the wealth of practical knowledge, The Adaptive Teacher's overarching philosophy is firmly planted in the Good News, teaching that every person belongs in God's family, and each is a reflection of his love.

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