Three Narratives from the Gospel of JohnPosted on 4th March 2020

As we enter Lent, Redemptorist Publications is delighted to share with you weekly resources that inspire, educate, encourage and support your journey towards Easter.
In this second free issue of #LentwithFrDenis, renowned priest, lecturer and author Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R guides us through three of the narratives from St John’s Gospel. These special videos were produced in association with the Diocese of Clifton to equip and encourage those in their diocese during this Holy period of prayer and devotion. Follow Fr Denis each Wednesday as he guides us through the uniqueness of John's Gospel in his own personal chapel.

Fr Denis invites us into his personal chapel to take us on an amazing journey through the uniqueness of John's Gospel. In this video series he will visit the following main Lenten narratives:

• The Woman of Samaria

• The Man Born Blind

• The Raising of Lazarus



The Three Lenten Narratives from the Gospel of John (1/4)

In this first video Fr Denis introduces three Lenten narratives from John’s Gospel and compares them to the other Gospels. He'll introduce the Woman at the Well, the Man Born Blind and the Raising of Lazarus.



Next Week

Next Wednesday, the 11th March 2020, we will release the continuation video of Fr Denis' exploration of the great narratives in John’s Gospel with the meeting between Jesus and the woman of Samaria at a well.




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