By John Stroyan
Product Code: 8079 ISBN No:9780857467508 In Stock
Format:  Paperback
Publisher:  The Bible Reading Fellowship
Publication Date: 22 Mar 2019


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This book, the fruit of prayer, theological reflection and rich human experience, evokes fresh praying and thinking about all the key relationships in our lives, beginning with God. Drawing on the rich Christian traditions of both east and west, it speaks of theology and spirituality, to the head and the heart. It is a book of hope, encouraging us all to make a fresh start with God and, entering more fully into the relationship of love to which he invites us, to go out and to witness to this love. In this unique bringing together of the riches of the Christian east and west is the call to hear God's gracious voice today. `This wonderful little book weaves together depths from the Christian tradition, the experience of Bishop John and practical spirituality for readers:a perfect companion for meditation throughout the year, certain to inspire and challenge in equal measure.' Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury `This beautifully written book is an invitation to a deeper discovery of who we are and who God is. Amid our brokenness and longings, we are invited to see in new ways and to glimpse afresh what it means to be people of relationship, made in the image of God who is love and with whom there are endless new beginnings.' Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

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